Do Warts Itch

What to Do About Pesky, Itchy Warts?

Embarrassing, annoying, itchy, pesky – these are just some of the words used to describe warts. These painless growths on the skin are caused by HPV or the Human Papilloma Virus and most of them are harmless. In fact, when left untreated, they disappear naturally within a couple of years. The problem is that most people like having flawless, unmarred skin. These warts can be downright embarrassing especially if they appear on visible body parts like the hands, feet or the neck.

For cosmetic reasons, most wart sufferers like addressing the condition immediately. There are also non-harmless wart types which should be treated by a medical professional. If you’re suffering from itchy warts, it pays to know exactly why they itch, which types of warts may give you that uncomfortable instinct to scratch the warts, and what you can do about it.

Why Do Warts Itch?

First, why exactly do warts itch? One possibility is friction. If you have plantar warts – a type of seed warts which appear at the bottom of the foot – having your skin in constant contact with your shoes, a pair of socks or the floor when you’re walking barefoot will definitely cause the area to itch. Another reason is its being caused by HPV, a virus which has itching as one of its symptoms.

There are also specific types of warts which cause the affected area to itch. Let’s have a quick rundown of the types of warts which may cause uncomfortable itching. There’s common warts which appear on the hands as well as other parts of the body. If this type of warts appear on a part of the body which is continually rubbed against, it may cause itching.

Flat warts appear on the face and the forehead and are commonly found in kids and adults. This type of warts may also cause itching. Plantar warts appear on the soles of the feet and its being in contact with socks, shoes or the hard surfaces of floors may cause itching to occur. There are also subungual or periungual warts, appearing under and around the toenails or fingernails – which may cause itching.

Know Which Types of Warts Itch

Although the other types of warts may cause itching, there are two specific kinds of skin infection which cause sufferers to have that uncomfortable need to scratch. This includes:

Genital warts.
Appearing in the pubic area, in or on the vagina, or around the anal or genital area, genital warts are downright itchy. This is caused by HPV infection which is one of the most widespread sexually transmitted diseases in North America.

Molluscum contagiosum warts.
Another type of warts which has itching as its primary symptom is molluscum contagiosum warts. They typically appear on the chest, upper thighs, abdomen and sometimes on the face. Unlike common warts, this type has a flesh-colored appearance with a dimple in the center and usually occurs in clusters.

What to Do when Warts Itch?

You can use over-the-counter treatments if you find warts to be itchy and embarrassing. If you would like them to disappear naturally, however, you can use a disinfectant and apply it on the area to give you that cooling sensation.

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