Flat Warts on the Face

Everything You Need to Know about Warts on the Face

Facial warts, flat warts, juvenile warts – these are the other names of warts which appear on the face. Its medical term is Verucca Plana and the warts are characterized as having a flesh or tan color. They’re also very small, almost the size of a pinhead, and have a flat appearance as implied by the name.

Parts of the Face where Warts May Appear

To learn more about facial warts, let us first enumerate the specific parts of the face where they may appear:

Those who have acne may initially mistake flat warts with pimple nodules, but the two are actually different. Warts on the forehead have a flesh-colored, pink or brownish color and are smooth to the touch. The nickname flat warts comes from the fact that this type of facial wart has a flat instead of a rounded top. In the forehead, it can appear in individual spots or small clusters. They also spread very quickly.

When you have skin abnormalities on the lips, warts is just one possibility. It can also be caused by herpes zoster, fever blister or other medical conditions, so it is a must to have it diagnosed first before using treatment for flat warts.

Although not that common, flat warts can also appear on the nose. They are also called filiform warts, resembling small growths sticking out of the skin. Be careful when using wart treatments for this, because the nose is quite close the eye area.

This is probably the most common place where warts appear: on the neck. Flat warts here can occur in ten, twenty or even more clusters. The skin on the face is more sensitive than other parts of the body like the neck, so it is important to get proper treatment as well.

Other parts of the face.
Flat warts can also appear on the chin, around the eyes and around the mouth.

Treatment & Prevention Tips for Facial Warts

Now, what are the treatment and prevention tips that you need to remember when dealing with facial warts? Since this is also caused by the Human Papilloma Virus or HPV, prevention starts with regular and thorough hand washing habits.

If the flat warts appear on a visible part of the face which causes embarrassment, it is important to carefully choose a solution. This is because of the sensitivity of the skin around the eyes and even around the mouth. It is better to go for natural, non-chemical-based wart treatments such as creams and gels.

If surgical procedure is needed, freezing the warts or laser removal are viable solutions. However, scarring may occur so you may want to consider the option of waiting it out – warts naturally disappear after about a couple of years.

To prevent facial warts and common types of warts from occurring in the first place, it is best to boost up your immune system to fight against HPV. A healthy diet, good hygiene, getting plenty of exercise and a healthy amount of sunshine are other prevention tips that you can keep in mind.

Facial warts are not a pleasant thing to have, but they are not dangerous at all and the best news is that treatments are available.

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