Freezing Warts

Ideal & Not-so-Ideal Options for Freezing Warts

Everyone wants to have smooth, flawless skin but conditions like warts do exist. The good news is that despite the presence of these imperfections, there are numerous ways to eliminate them. As you may already know, warts generally disappear after some time. But if you’re embarrassed by them, you can actually go for several treatments, the most common of which is freezing warts. Read on to find out about the different ways of freezing warts and which methods are ideal and not-so-ideal options to get rid of them.

Different Ways to Freeze Warts

Warts appear mostly on the hands and feet. If they’re placed in a very visible part of your body and you’re really embarrassed by it, you should definitely consider freezing warts. Here are a few options that you can choose from:

Cryosurgery for warts.
Also called cryotherapy, this process involves freezing the warts to get rid of the viral infection in the epidermis or the topmost layer of the skin. Depending on the type of warts that you have, this type of surgery is effective – but there is a possibility for the warts to come back. You can setup an appointment with your doctor, and since it is called cryosurgery, there will be a little amount of pain involved.

Think of a similar sensation as having ice cube stuck on a sensitive part of your skin for a few seconds. The goal of cryosurgery is to freeze the part of the skin affected by warts. It will look reddish and raised, and there will be a tingling or burning sensation at the surrounding area. After the procedure is done, you simply have to wait for the wart to fall off after a few days.

Freezing warts with liquid nitrogen.
The second method of freezing warts involves using liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen is a substance which has a temperature that’s cold enough to freeze a small, localized area of the skin which is affected by warts. Once applied, the liquid nitrogen will kill off the blood vessels so that the source of the warts will eventually die. The one thing that you need to remember when having your warts frozen using liquid nitrogen is that you should not peel off the skin yourself – otherwise it will grow back. Simply wait for the natural process of the skin sloughing off, and the skin imperfection should be gone in a matter of days. What’s good about going for this process is that unlike another method to get rid of warts which is called electrocautery – the skin is not broken and damaged, so no scarring will occur.

The do-it-yourself method of freezing warts.
Finally, you can go for the do-it-yourself method of freezing warts. Just like the first two solutions mentioned, you can use liquid nitrogen to freeze the warts yourself. Call a local company in your area which sells welding gases and ask them if they can sell you a small amount of liquid nitrogen. When you’re asked what it is for, say that it is for a science experiment. Using a one-litre vacuum flask, you can use Q-tips to apply the liquid nitrogen on the part of the skin with warts. You will feel a cold, biting sensation which means that the method is working. After a few seconds, wait for the natural color of your skin to return and the warts should naturally peel off in a matter of days. To protect the wound, apply a strip of band-aid.

It’s not advisable for you to use ice from snow or in the freezer to treat your warts – especially not genital warts! The freezing method is best done in sterilized conditions, most preferably under the supervision of a medical professional and only for the visible parts of your body like hands or feet.

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