General information about wart treatment

Sufficient knowledge on wart treatment is essential to various groups of people. This is because, warts are generally disturbing skin problems and people need to know how to deal with them properly. Warts appear on the feet, genital areas, face, eyelids, arms and other parts of the body. This makes the affected area to resemble a solid swelling or a cauliflower. Warts are caused by human papillomavirus infections. There are a number of wart varieties and these warts are gentle and not cancerous. These warts are contagious and this allows them to move from one person to another through skin contact. The virus that causes these warts enters the body through the broken areas of the skin. Although they disappear after some months, they can last for many years or reoccur after treatment. It is therefore good to know how to deal with warts in order to get rid of them completely.

How to remove warts with over the counter wart removal products

One way how to remove warts is the use of over the counter wart removal products. Over the counter wart removal medications have salicylic acid. This is the most efficient wart removal product that is available to the affected people without a prescription. People with warts can also use over the counter medications to freeze their warts. Freezing the wart is as successful as the medications containing salicylic acid and therefore people can use any of these products to deal with warts. Since many people experience a noticeable amount of pain when using freezing as the method of treating warts, it is inappropriate to use this method on children. In this connection, it is good to choose the right method in order to adequately deal with warts.

Use of over the counter wart removal products that contain natural substances

Use of over the counter wart removal products that contain all natural substances is another way on warts treatment. Although these substances are all natural, it does not signify that they are any less scathing. This means that they have to be used with great care just like any other wart removal products. However, these products are highly effective and appropriate for the removal of warts. Examples of the all natural over the counter wart removal medications are Wartrol and Dermatend. They are readily available to clients because they can be found in many online sources. In addition, natural wart removal substances are kinder to the skin. Their consumption may also limit chances of future infections because they build the immune system. These natural wart removal medications ensure no skin scarring and offer a painless route to wart removal. They can be used in the treatment of all types of wart. In addition, the natural wart treatment substances are cheap when compared to other wart healing options. Many people who may find it hard to remove warts with different home remedies can try the natural over the counter wart removal medications. This will help them to try different options in order to get best results for their warts.

Use of Home Remedies

The use of home remedies is another way on how to cure warts. Various home remedies are used in the treatment of various types of warts. One of these home remedies includes mixing up baking powder and castor oil to form a paste that is applied to the wart. The wart is then covered with a bandage and left for the whole night. The bandage is then removed the next morning and the exercise is repeated as necessary. Another home remedy that helps to get rid of warts is the use of hot water. Soaking the wart in hot water helps to soften it and kill virus. However, it is good to ensure that the water is not extremely hot because this can cause burns. Covering the wart in vitamin C is another home remedy that is used in getting rid of warts. It is also possible to cure warts by using castor oil. This is because; castor oil contains acid which irritates the wart hence making it to heal. Moreover, use of crushed aspirin mixed with a few drops of water can help to remove warts. Aspirin contains salicylic acid which is essential in the treatment of warts. The other home remedy options include use of citrus peel, use of basil and use of garlic capsules. In this connection, people can choose various home remedies in order to know how to remove warts.

Use of Food Remedies

Food remedies can also help people heal warts. One of the best food remedies that help remove warts is the consumption of immune boosting foods. Such foods can include garlic, rice, sweet potatoes and sunflower seeds. Cut up carrots can also be used in treatment of warts. The carrots are finely grated and enough olive oil is added in order to make a paste. This paste is then dabbed into the wart two times a day for around three weeks in order to heal the wart. Moreover, the use of lemon juice can also help to treat warts. The lemon juice is squeezed into the wart and the wart is covered with chopped onions once every day for at least three weeks to help in wart removal. These food remedies can help people to do away with different types of warts.

Use of surgical wart removal methods

Surgical wart removal method is another way on wart removal. It is one of the commonly used methods of wart removal. It is also a faster way of removing warts from the body. However, this wart removal method has various disadvantages. This is because; it is expensive and may make it hard for people to treat their warts. It can also make permanent scars on the skin. Surgical wart removal is very fast and can help people to get rid of the unwanted warts within a short time.


Warts are a great problem to many people. It is essential for people to know how remove warts in order to live comfortable. There are various methods of removing warts. In this connection, treatment of warts rests on the hands of the affected people to make their best wart cure choice.

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