Plantar Warts Causes and Symptoms

People need to have sufficient knowledge on plantar warts causes and symptoms. Plantar warts are viral skin infections which develop on the plantar surface. They can also grow on the foot or the sole. Although these warts can be found anywhere in the area around the plantar surface, they tend to show their symptoms on the areas that have intense pressure and friction. Knowledge about the causes and symptoms of plantar warts can help people to deal with these skin infections more appropriately.

Causes of Plantar Warts

Human papillomavirus
The virus human papillomavirus is the main cause of plantar warts. This virus infects the exterior layer of the plantar skin thus creating a thickened callus. In addition, human papillomavirus has a wide range of strains. Each of these single strains causes plantar warts on various parts of the body.

Moist and humid environments
The main strain of the human papillomavirus which causes plantar warts is damp and humid environments. Such environments can be found in the floors of shower and locker rooms in community swimming areas. This shows that it is unadvisable to walk on such areas barefooted because it can cause these skin infections.

Breaks in the foot skin
Breaks in the foot skin can also cause plantar warts. This is because, they increase the probability of getting these foot infections through the broken skin in the foot. In this connection, it is helpful to prevent foot cracks because this can easily cause plantar warts.

Weakened immune system
Weakened immune system is another cause of plantar warts. People who have low immune system are likely to develop plantar warts once they are exposed to the virus that causes this skin infection. In this connection, it is good to maintain high immune system in order to avoid plantar warts.

Plantar Warts Symptoms

Foot Pain and back pain
Many people with plantar warts will experience foot pain that will feel like a lump under the foot. Another symptom of plantar warts is back pain. Pain may also be felt on the affected leg. This pain is mostly caused by poor body posture as a result of the affected leg.

Firm and bumpy foot skin
The other symptom of plantar warts is a firm and bumpy foot skin. Many people with plantar warts may have a firm and bumpy skin on their foot. In addition, they may also have small pinpoint dark spots inside foot skin. These dark spots usually contain blood clots in the deeper layers of the foot skin. Moreover, the foot skin may also be smooth with brown color. It may also have a gray-yellow color which differentiates it from the other parts of the foot skin. This part of the foot skin may also be flat due to the pressure exerted on the foot surface.


Plantar warts are skin infections that are located on the plantar surface. People need to know about these warts in order to know how to deal with them. In this connection, it is essential for people to understand plantar warts causes and symptoms in order to deal with them efficiently.

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