Treatment of Genital Warts

Genital warts are infections caused by certain human papillomavirus. They emerge anywhere on the skin of the genital area. These warts are flesh-colored, small, smooth or big cauliflower-like lumps. They cause a lot of discomfort and thus it is essential to know treatment of genital warts. The symptoms of genital warts include the pinkish small or large lumps that take the shape of a cauliflower on the genital region. In men, these lumps can appear on the penis, scrotum, the anus or even the thighs. In women, genital warts appear both inside and around the vagina and also on the cervix. They result from sexual contact with infected people. In this connection, knowledge of the various ways to do away with genital warts is very essential.

Use of Ointments and Creams

One of the ways on treatment of genital warts is the use of ointments and creams. When genital warts do not appear in sensitive genital regions, use of creams and ointments can help to deal with them. Sensitive genital regions can be the rectum, cervix or the urethra. Some creams and ointments may need to be applied by health practitioners and therefore it is always necessary to seek the help of a doctor throughout the treatment period. However, other treatments such as topical medications can be applied by the effected person. These treatments will work by shrinking the warts till it gets smaller in size. Topical medications may however expose the users to skin irritations and this shows that it is good to seek advice from medical professionals.

Cutting Off Genital Warts

Another approach to do away with genital warts is cutting them. One method of cutting off genital warts is cryotherapy. This involves freezing the warts using liquid nitrogen. This kind of treatment is more appropriate for the genital regions that are mostly affected by warts due to constant moisture. Moreover, genital warts can also be cut by burning them off through laser removal which is an effective method of cutting genital warts. An increased-intensity light beam can be used in laser removal in order to cut off the genital warts.

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Use of Natural Treatments

The use of natural treatments such as wartrol is another way on treatment of genital warts. Wartrol is a totally natural treatment that does not have any known negative effects because it is made up of inorganic ingredients. It is also made from minerals and herbs. It usually starts working in the body after taking the initial dose. This provides an appropriate way to deal with genital warts.

Taking Sitz Baths

Another way to treat genital warts is by taking sitz baths. Preparation of a sitz bath may require some time but it is usually an easy thing to do. One will require a tub filled with warm water. The affected person needs to sit on this tub for around ten to fifteen minutes. Afterwards, the person should dry the genital region with a heat lamp. One should be careful when using these tools in order to prevent more harm to the genital region.


Genital warts are infections in and around the genital regions. These infections are as a result of sexual contact with infected people. They cause a lot of discomfort to the affected people. In this connection, it is essential to know treatment of genital warts in order to live comfortably.

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