Treatment of Warts on Hands

There are different skin conditions that are known to affect humans and one such condition is warts. This is a viral condition that appears like solid blisters that look like cauliflower. They are usually painless and may not cause any harm. When someone has them on the hands they may develop low self esteem. Next paragraphs will useful information on treatment of warts on hands.

What Causes Warts

There are different varieties of warts known to affect different parts of the body. They are caused by a virus known as human papilloma virus HPV. It usually enters the skin from any broken point. They can also be spread through contact and this can happen in the form of shared towels, clothes, razor blades or even the through touch.

Different Warts on Hands Treatment Methods

There are different ways that one can go about when looking at getting rid of this problem in hands. One of the ways that one can use in a bid to treat them is through the use of patches that contain salicylic acid. This acid works by dissolving the keratin which is used to make the layers of skin that form warts. The patches are placed over the affected area on daily basis until the warts are completely destroyed.

Another method treatment of warts on hands is through the use of duct tape. This method works on the premise that the warts can be eliminated through suffocation or depriving them room for breathing. One is required to tie the duct tape over the area that is affected by the warts for long periods of time only removing it once a week for a few hours. Once the tape is removed one is required to soak their hands in warm water then use a pumice stone to rub off the warts.

Warts on the hands can also be eliminated through a procedure called cryotherapy. This method deals with warts through the use of extreme cold temperatures that freeze off the warts. Liquid nitrogen is applied over them and this hardens them through freezing over a period of time. They become detached from the skin and one can then shed them off through rubbing of the hands with a stone. This procedure has been found to very effective and is not very painful.

Surgery is also an option when it comes to eliminating warts. One can go for a minor surgery where the warts are cut off or destroyed by the use of an electric needle. The process is made less painful through applying anesthesia. Laser surgery can also be used to remove the warts. Laser rays are applied over the part of the skin that has warts and this eliminates the skin cells that have warts.

There are several over the counter medications and cosmetics that are designed to help eliminate warts. Doctors can apply cantharidin over the warts and then cover it with a bandage. The warts come out as blisters. The procedure can be a bit uncomfortable and one is required to keep the blisters clean to prevent infection.

These are just some of the ways that one can use when they are looking to get rid of warts from their hands.

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