Dermatend Review

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In this page we are writing Dermatend Review. There you can find important information about this product such as product description, how it works and step by step information on how to get rid of warts using Dermatend. We are reviewing Dermatend and experimenting with it so we can bring You best information and You can decide more easily if this is the right product for You.

About Dermatend

Dermatend is product that is made from special blend of all-natural ingredients including Sanguinaria Canadensis, Vegetable Glycerine, Distilled Water, Butter of Zinc and others. Its made in a way that it works well together with your body and immune system to completely fight against warts and other skin deseases. Dermatend brings you wart and skin tag treatment that helps you safely get rid of warts and avoid expensive and painful surgery, because you can easily initiate procedure at home. More than 10000 people are using Dermatend today worldwide.


How Dermatend Works

Dermatend needs to be applied daily so it can start to penetrate the abnormal skin. Dermatend contains 3 active alkaloids which attach to the wart, removes the bad tissue and heals the skin area around wart. When your body sends White Blood Cells to the affected area they recognize the abnormal DNA in the skin cells and immediately start the healing process. Because of this healing process in the problematic area appears inflammation and this is important part of the healing process, because this helps to build a scab over the wart. After a while when wart heals and disappears under the scab, the scab will fall off and reveal the fresh and healthy skin.

How to Get Rid of Warts using Dermatend in 7 Easy Steps

  • 1. Scratch the wart with toothpick or something else in order to make a little scars in it
  • 2. Softly wash the wart and affected skin area around the wart so pores around the wart can open
  • 3. Accurately dry the area
  • 4. Carefully massage DermaTend tube before opening to warm it
  • 5. When it’s ready, apply little of it with your finger tip to the entire surface of the blemish
  • 6. Wait for 30-40 minutes. It is normal to feel a stinging and swelling in the affected area
  • 7. You are almost done! Carefully wash off Dermatend and wait a little bit for a scab to form

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